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Photography is important in any field as a key visual marketing tool. Humans are visual creatures, and a catchy image can make all the difference between someone’s interest in your product or location and their indifference. Hotel photography, in particular, is crucial and it allows those in the hospitality industry to market their facilities to people all over the world and gain more publicity as well as bookings. 

In Dubai, photography for hotels is even more crucial because of the luxury that is on show in many of their venues. There are many stunning and high end hotels on display in the UAE and a hotel Photographer Dubai needs to be able to adapt and provide a stunning level of service. 

How does a hotel photographer work? 

When you book a photographer to your hotel in Dubai they will first sit down with you and talk through your wants, needs, and goals. In order to make clients stand out from the crowd, a photographer will develop a deep understanding of the hotel and what the client is looking to achieve from the photography project. 

The exact work and shots will depend entirely on you, and the photographer will likely bring with them a portfolio with some ideas for you to choose from and will also discuss ideas with you after seeing your hotel in its full glory. 

Once you have agreed to your project, the fun begins. 

For a hotel photographer, getting down to the nitty-gritty of the job is a joy and a work of art. Getting the perfect shot takes time and patience, and each day of the shoot will be different from the last with a clear itinerary of shots in mind. As we mentioned slightly above, it is crucial for a hotel photographer in Dubai to have skills in all of the following types of photography:

– Architectural Photography
– Food Photography
– Lifestyle Photography

Architectural photography will allow us to take your hotel and capture what makes it unique. Whether it be interesting historical features, modern and sleek designs, or colours on the walls – we will be able to use skills in photography to capture the very heart of a hotel. 

One of the main selling points for a lot of people when hunting for a hotel is the food. Restaurants are a huge selling point for hotel guests and as such, we need to be able to create photographs of dishes that look delicious and inviting. 

Lifestyle photography can be done in several ways whether it be an empty shot of the pool area or a shot of people enjoying spa or gym facilities. Lifestyle is the most crucial element of a hotel shoot and it will allow us to capture the atmosphere of a hotel and will give those looking for a stay the chance to see what they are likely to experience. 

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The process to create stunning Hotel and Resort Photography

Photography is a true art form and it is important when hiring a photographer to find the best and most suited to the job of hotel photography. No two photographers are the same, which is why it is important to us to hire the best talent to ensure that clients are satisfied with their images at the end of the shoot. 

Hotel photography is a complex process and all working parts need to be nailed down before beginning. It is very important when planning for hotel photography in Dubai to plan out the shoot in such a way to gain the best lighting at certain points of the hotel as well as to capture facilities such as the restaurant or [ool with and without people to get two sides of the coin. 

Lighting is the most crucial aspect of photography and when photographing a hotel, a photographer will use a mixture of natural light on-site, lighting on-site, and editing software to ensure the correct ambience and atmosphere can be captured without an issue. 

For hotel photography, there is often a huge emphasis on style, and as profiessional photographers will we will be able to stylize shots in a uniform way to keep everything consistent and ensure that the same theme runs through every shot. 


Taking photographs on site is only half of the job for a hotel photographer, and with images being so important to the client we spend a lot of time editing and retouching shots to ensure the best possible result. Whether it be changing the lighting, removing unwanted items from the shot, or simply making it more saturated – editing is a huge part of the job and this is where simple shots of a hotel can really come to life and take on a whole new identity. In Dubai, bringing together the luxury feel alongside the stunning hot climate is crucial and we will edit images to help enhance these features and make them stand out. 

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When do you need a Hotel Photographer in Dubai?

One of the biggest questions you might ask about hotel photography is what the shots will be used for. There is a myriad of ways to answer this as once the photos are handed over to the client they can use them for marketing purposes in many ways. Some of the most popular uses of these images are below. 


When a hotel launches or opens for the season, they will send a press kit out to different media sites and these sites will be able to write articles about the hotel using images provided. This is a huge marketing tactic and is often the one that is used first before the hotel starts to utilize photos in their campaigns. 


Tripadvisor and other review sites will use photos of a hotel to display it for the use of those reviewing their stay. 


Our photographs will be used on a hotel website to demonstrate their hotel and show off all of its merits and features. 

Bloggers, Social Media, Influencers

Often a hotel will share photos of their hotel over the course of a few months to help them promote a stay and drum up interest for their location. 

Sometimes once a shoot is over, the hotel will send images directly to bloggers with the hope of getting their hotel out there and getting more exposure for their location. Influencers can be a useful tool in marketing and this is often a great use for hotel images. 

Hotel photography is much more than snapping some photos and putting them online. In the hospitality industry, it is crucial to advertise visually to allow people to see where they will be staying before they book. Great photographs can be the difference between a booking and a scroll away. If you are in the hotel industry and are looking to up your marketing game, consider hiring a professional hotel photographer in Dubai and bring your location to life. 

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Here are some of the most luxurious hotels in Dubai.

Taj Dubai

The Taj Dubai blends luxury and heritage effortlessly to create an atmosphere like no other. It has a colourful design and many restaurants offering different foods to its guests. Photography in this hotel in particular can be fun and important to show off all of the stunning colours in the hotel.

Four Seasons Resort Dubai 

Four Seasons hotels are known for being stunning and elegant, and this is no different from the rest. The Dubai hotel is a stunning one and has views over the waters of the Arabian Gulf making for a beautiful relaxing experience for guests. A hotel photographer here would want to make the most of these views and help people to picture what they would see and experience if they were to choose to stay here. 

Le Royal Meridien Beach Resort & Spa

Dubai is known for being a hot country that has a lot of sun-soaked spaces to enjoy. Le Royal Meridien makes the most of the sunshine here and offers crystal blue pools, plenty of bars and restaurants, and a spa. When planning photography for this hotel – a photographer would want to make the most of showcasing the facilities at guests’ disposal. 

Burj Al Arab Hotel

You can’t mention luxury hotels in Dubai without mentioning the only 7 star hotel in the world. The Burj Al Arab Hotel is the most stunning you have ever seen, and of course, clever photography is crucial here to showcase the spectacular level of luxury you can experience during your stay. 

The primary goal of a hotel photographer is to create and sell an experience to the client. When a photographer is hired by a hotel in Dubai, they will be tasked with taking a space and creating a photographic version of it that will live online and in the hands of clients to use for marketing. Being able to explore a hotel and find those shots that truly capture the experience of a stay is a huge skill, and it is important for a photographer to possess skills within architectural, food, and lifestyle photography.