Oil and Gas Photography

Oil and gas photography is a specialist field. It relies upon those photographers who are happy to go through rigorous testing, the health and safety requirements, and all of the necessary permit applications and certificates to ensure that you’re allowed onto the rigs. Sometimes, you may also need an explosion proof camera. And you are strictly forbidden from taking your mobile phone onto the rigs. In short, photographing the oil and gas industry is mentally and physically demanding, and it is a unique environment to be a part of. However, once you have a speciality as an industry photographer, there is a high demand for this field of work. And you are rewarded with the privilege of seeing a side to the industry that few get to experience.

Portraying the Workers

There is a haunting solitude on oil and gas rigs, whether you’re photographing one in Dubai, the UAE, or Saudi Arabia. Photographing the workers is something that captures the attention of some industry photographers, and it can also be a part of the brief that given by the company. Often, they work in dangerous situations, and their jobs require a high level of speed, so capturing them can take a photographer that isn’t only skilled, but extremely quick at getting shots.

Photographing the Machinery

Another side of the industry that the oil and gas photographer has to capture is the machinery of the rigs.. And this can be a challenging task in itself. Before you even get your camera ready to take a shot, you have to ensure that it is safe to do so. But there are many interesting perspectives that you can show as somebody capturing the oil and gas industry. If you’re taking shots in places like Dubai, Abu Dhabi or Oman, you’ll be in an extremely hot climate, which adds to the intensity and heat of all of the industrial machinery. However, there is nothing quite like the scale of rigs, the machinery, and even the vessels that supply them. And capturing these things is greatly interesting, albeit challenging.

The importance of Oil and Gas Photography

In today’s world we are increasingly reliant on oil and gas in order to live our day-to-day lives. There are few things as important as seeing the industry from an honest perspective. Photography can capture the many elements of life on an oil or gas drilling rig. Some of the images, showing the oil installation at sunset or sunrise, really give a sense of solitude. In addition, it gives a chance to reflect upon the realities of machinery at such a large scale being set at sea, and occupied by a host of dedicated workers. Industrial photography requires an individual with an eye. It also requires a passion, for all components of the industry, and somebody who is also prepared for the intensity that such a role demands.

Oil and Gas Photography