There is a skill required for portrait photography to bring out the best in people and capture their true reflection on print. A skilled portrait photographer can work with clients to bring out their best photogenic selves. People who are worried about being photographed will convey this in their expressions when being photographed. But a professional portrait photographer can alleviate those worries and create stunning pictures.

What to look for in good portrait photography in Dubai?

Connecting with Clients

The photographer should be able to connect and forge a relationship with a client can help them feel more relaxed and open to taking portrait images in Dubai or in the UAE. Whether it is company headshots or marketing materials, the more comfortable people, the better the pictures will turn out.

Mastering Environment and Lighting

Where possible, natural light or ‘window light’ is always a safe bet for portraiture. If no natural light is available, a good photographer will have access to professional lighting to capture the best possible image. Weather can be used to help grasp different lighting and shade; for example, early afternoon provides the most natural light, while overcast days can provide softer lights for pictures with less shadows and a less vibrant feel.

Choosing the right Angles

A professional portrait photographer Dubai will make sure to change angles to get a picture on the same level as the subject. For example, for children, it is best to go to their level so they can be captured in a more personal and less imposing way. This will give the portrait a more intimate feel to truly reflect all of the qualities in a person’s features—especially the eyes, often referred to as the windows to the soul. Making them the focus of the image can make the photo more impactful.

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